No matter what business you are in, having the right marketing in place is extremely important. Having worked with over 150 brands our team can most certainly help you gain more success at a cost effective price. 

The right audiences

When you deeply know your ideal customer, you can identify ways to segment them into a more defined audience.  At Prestige Media Advertising we make the right audience see your ads, ultimately giving you the best return on investment. Don’t just take our word though, we provide an analytics report every single month to make sure you are satisfied. 

The right timing

Keep your business top of mind with the right marketing channels at the right time.  We not only run precision ads, we capitalize on opportunities that could help better perform your ad. 

The right expertise

With over 150 clients, Prestige Media Advertising dominates US based marketing experience, we know the best offers to generate the best results  


First step in getting your Ad seen by millions

At Prestige Media Advertising we take in every bit of information about your business and about the end goal as possible so we can create the best performing Ad for your needs. Our first step in getting this started is a call with you regarding your business and goals. Once we have established the ideas around your Ad, we go to work creating a very detailed Ad Mock-Up.

Building the Ad and choosing the platform

Once you have approved the Ad example mockup we created we begin on getting it up and running on a social platform so we can get you more paying customers!  We find the best platform for you to advertise on and let our expertise go to work, ultimately giving you the best ROI as possible. 

Choosing your budget

Once you speak with a Prestige Media Advertising representative you will have a recommended budget for your Ad campaign. These recommended  budgets come from our experience, our job is to give you the best return on your investment so you are proud and happy to be working with a marketing agency you can trust and rely on. 

Proven track record results

We let our numbers do the talking, each and every month receive a 30 day Ad campaign report with our suggestions for any changes. Being that we are partnered with many different online platforms, we give you the advantage as soon as you start working with us because our Ads cost per client/engagement  is lower than anyone else due to our high volume of clients we have and how much we spend with each platform every month. 

Example: Average Facebook cost per lead: $21.05

Average Facebook cost per lead using Prestige Media Advertising: $11.15

We get many discounts with online platforms due to our high volume of Ads we publish each month with providers like Facebook.  Ultimately you get the advantage just by working with us because of our success managing many businesses online. 

Help people get to know you

We manage your page and update info like hours, phone number, location and photos to showcase the best of your business.

Connect with your community

Turn page visitors into customers. Let them get quotes, make appointments, or ask questions right from your business page. We create each ad to help the conversion rate. 

Get the info you need

Its extremely important to track results, with Prestige Media Advertising you can see what’s happening with your page in real time. Track clicks, calls, page visits – and learn more about your potential customers at any time. If your to busy to keep track of this, don’t worry we send you an analytics report every single month. 



Nowadays, video marketing is king. Digital video ads are so effective, in fact, they attract 30% more traffic than any other advertising method. Websites and landing pages that display videos are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of search results and can boost your conversion rate by 80% or more. A well-placed video ad can make a brand wildly successful—and Prestige Media Advertising is here to help. We’re more than a advertising company.


Digital video ads can be extremely powerful because they can appeal to our emotions in a way other advertising mediums cannot. By combining color, sound, and movement, videos can tell a story that engages the senses and connects with consumers on a personal level. With the right viewership, YouTube ads, pre-roll video ads, and other digital ads can be a very effective tool in making a brand relatable and in demand. 

Prestige Media Advertising knows how, when, and where to best use video advertising in order to drive programmatic ad campaign success for our business partners. One of our clients even found that over 52% of their conversions were due to clicks-through a few video ads on their website! We want to help you achieve that same kind of video marketing success.


By utilizing a video advertising company like Prestige Media Advertising for your video marketing needs, you can advertise directly to customers who have already indicated (in one way or another) that they’re interested in your brand’s service or product. We offer highly-specific targeting when it comes to consumer profiling, so you can rest assured that your ads are viewed by customers with high conversion potential.