Dream about transactions

Wake Up Thinking about ROI

Live And Die By New Advertising Strategies

We are a business obsessed company, full of fearless and driven individuals working together to dramatically advance our clients’ growth, not just their brand. That’s what makes us a growth machine.


Relentlessly pursue the clients goals, but never rest in the glory

“At Prestige Media Advertising we have one mission, provide the absolute best customer experience possible.  Our company has grown over the years and our main goal has never changed. The reliability Prestige Media Advertising has, packed with the experience and work ethic we have displayed consistently over the years is hard to compete with. We go all out for each client we have and we look forward to proving that with you”

-Alex Fellenz 
Prestige Media Advertising, CEO 



Where, how, when, and most importantly – why people buy. These market research insights come straight from the minds of our strategic planners. Artfully extricated by our research engine, The Red Light Project, this priceless knowledge fuels every Brandtailing® platform, guides focus group methodologies, client planning meetings, and the fortunes of many of America’s best known companies – like yours can be.

What sets us apart

We take a different approach to provide clients with satisfaction, we provide dashboard and real-time intelligence on their business.
We work closely with our clients to align on success and establish clear benchmarks for success across their business that we can both align to and hold ourselves accountable for.
When you start working with us you are given your own brand strategist that you can contact anytime and that will work with you and your needs throughout the entire process of your project with us.

We don't outsource

We believe we can offer the highest quality, fastest turnaround, most affordable pricing and best customer experience by doing everything in-house. So we do. Our team of professionals have worked with 150+ brands, not only do we bring experience but we go into a project with an idea how to scale and approach it correctly.

Were always innovating

Marketing is always changing and always evolving, so we’re constantly rolling out updated services, features, marketing channels & more to help you grow your business.